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We provide premium website & Fastest hosting

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We provide premium website & Fastest hosting

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We provide premium website & Fastest hosting

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BDIX is the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh. It was established to provide physical interconnection for its members to exchange and route local Internet traffic locally through it. Since 2014, BDIX has maintained leadership of the fast-developing Internet industry of Bangladesh by providing high quality services that provided fast, cost-effective and efficient Internet connections for its members and their customers.

BDIX Hosting – BDIX is Bangladesh’s leading Internet exchange point (IXP) service. Hosting by BDIX. To avoid international routing, local data connects to approximately 3500 Bangladeshi internet service providers. It creates a virtual network through which you can easily transfer any file from their server in a fraction of the time. And at a much faster rate. This network’s server is known as bdix web hosting.

If you have BDIX connectivity to that provider, you can download much faster files from BDIX Servers or you can visit websites hosted within the BDIX network. In that case, if you download a file from a BDIX Hosted server of 10 MB speed, then your speed will be 1Mb average which is definitely convenient for any user. This is the real advantage of BDIX servers. The interesting thing, in this case, is that some providers are connected to some BDIX servers in addition to their own servers so that their users can browse and transfer or download any web site at high speed from those servers. In this case, some providers keep a list of all these BDIX connected servers on their own servers, and in many cases, the user has to find these servers on their own. Every day, many content and websites are being hosted targeting local visitors. BDIX hosting is a boon for those sites where most of the target audience is from Bangladesh. When Bangladeshi users visit a site on the BDIX network, it will be connected to the server in 1-3 ms. The website will load fast in the browser that will feel like browsing on your own PC.

There are some difference between Normal Hosting and BDIX Hosting. If your primary website traffic is from Bangladesh then our BDIX web hosting is perfect solution for your web hosting need. You can host your News Portal website, Bangladesh based eCommerce website, Blog site and many more Bangladeshi targeted website. BDIX hosting is powered by the datacenter of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

On other other hand, If your primary tergated visitor is not from Bangladesh then you can choose our cPanel based SSD shared hosting plans that powered by USA data center.

Specifically the websites serve in Bangladesh like Bengali magazin or ecommerce, BDIX will be the best option for it. As your website is hosted in a Bangladeshi Data Center, it won’t take a few seconds to arrive data from USA. The websites will be loading in a moment. You can see there are many Bangladeshi hosting providers are offering the best BDIX hosting at low prices. On the other hand, We, WINEXHOST are offering a Premium BDIX Hosting in Bangladesh. You can compare our best services easily.

We believe in ourselves. That’s why we can surely say thatWINEXHOST always provides the best BDIX hosting solution. There are so many specialities in our services that’s why we are providing BDIX Web Hosting Services over the country with good-will. Even we provide the best BDIX VPS Hosting in our country and we have so many active users. We are always promised in providing on-time support to all of our customers.

This assures the fastest loading times, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee and super-fast data transfer capabilities. Our BDIX FTP server is one of the country’s quickest. For all of its clients, WINEXHOST provides the best SSD BDIX web hosting in Bangladesh. If you are seeking for Bangladeshi Data Center, this is the greatest web hosting in terms of facilities and features compared to other web hosting.

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